Welcome to Confectionary Tales of a Bakeaholic! 

I'm Sara, the crazy sugar-addicted bakeaholic behind the blog. Here you'll find all sorts of desserts I'm making and occasionally some healthy (relatively) options. I started this blog as a way to share what I'm making and to also push and challenge myself in the kitchen.

I'm a recent college graduate currently living in Los Angeles where I'm pursuing my acting career. I'm from NJ and half Swedish so the culture shock of living in CA is overwhelming at times. Baking has been an outlet to relieve stress and feel at home. It also provides some stability in my life which is always needed because the life of an actor is probably one of the most unstable lives ever. And besides, what better way to get over the constant rejection than with some cookies? Or boozy truffles?

I also take all my own photographs (unless otherwise noted). As of 2013, I'm currently using a Canon Rebel T3 but I started with a Canon point and shoot. I'm constantly learning and trying to push myself with photography by studying other food and photography blogs. Practice makes perfect!

If you have any questions or recipe suggestions, feel free to contact me or leave comments! I love meeting new people.

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  2. You have a great blog, happy I have connected with you (the swedish recipes are one of my favourites, thanks :))